ReconPro mobile app 2.14.8 for iOS devices

Print service requests via mobile printing, see the print preview of teams inspections, work orders,  invoices, and service requests, and much more:

New Features

  • Print service requests
  • Summary screen for team inspections, work orders, and invoices


  • Restrictions for saving work orders with deleted services
  • Improved search for duplicates by VIN
  • Showing “$” icon for paid invoices
  • Showing vehicle Body Type and Trim Type in Condition Report

See the details of each new feature and improvement here.

Fixed Issues

  • Warning message for labor time services was shown even after all required vehicle information was entered.
  • The Search bar on work order Services screen was not shown after swiping to the next screen and back.
  • The Add button on the Select Services screen was still shown after tapping, so tapping the Add button twice caused adding duplicate services.
  • The search function didn’t work correctly in the Local mode on the Invoices screen.
  • There was a different sorting of work orders when editing an invoice in the Local and the Online modes.
  • In rare cases no print preview was shown on the Summary screen of service requests.
  • Invoice approval didn’t work correctly for some invoices.
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