CollisionNotes™ simplifies the vehicle check-in and Inspection process

AutoMobile Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our latest product designed to help collision centers and auto body shops eliminate the headaches related to manually processing data collected out in the field. Our end to end mobile and web based solution called CollisionNotes™ streamlines the check-in and inspection process by converting all of your existing paper forms into a complete electronic application. Everything from the initial customer inspection, to the management and enforcement of required photo’s is built in. Utilizing our forms wizard you also have the ability make changes as conditions dictate.

Where is that Invoice?

Last week I had the pleasure of having a customer cancel a scheduled product demonstration with me. Ordinarily I would not be happy about this, BUT the reason why the customer had to cancel is one of the problems that our software solves…

The prospective customer had a last minute emergency with one of their large wholesale accounts, that was missing an invoice worth roughly $20,000.00. Of course this prospective customer is on paper, and he needed to stop everything to go back to the office to try and find it. Using our solution this prospective customer would have been able to leverage our mobile invoicing software to pull up the invoice directly from his device, and email it directly to the customer without missing a beat. Alternatively the customer could have logged-in online to their personalized self-service portal, and re-printed the invoice themselves.

So the next time that you are trying to find a missing, estimate, work order, or invoice think about giving us a call. You won’t be disappointed.

What is the BIGGEST challenge associated with running a successful business?

    • Figuring out how to spend your family time?
    • Thinking about where to spend your money?
    • Winning new accounts, and growing your business?


Workflow, it really does make a difference!

Over the past several years we have visited with thousands of different types of automotive service related businesses; everything from single owner operators, new car dealerships, to companies with  2500+ technicians out in the field.  No matter the size of the company, or the type of services being provided, one topic always makes it way to the forefront of the discussion…WORKFLOW

ReconMonitor 2.0 Release Announcement

Are you a used car department of a dealership?
A standalone used car business? A rental car resale department?

AutoMobile Technologies has developed specialized software to increase the profitability of your automotive reconditioning department and reduce the time to frontline for your vehicles with an easy vendor evaluation and tracking system, ReconMonitor™.

With ReconMonitor™ your business will gain unparalleled benefits for your automotive business to streamline your business data, save you money, monitor your bottlenecks and reduce vendor costs with detailed service reports.

ReconCRM: Automate and Track Your Sales Activities

Use the summer months to add even more productivity to your business and supplement your Recon software with ReconCRM™ and make your workforce more productive than ever. ReconCRM™ can help you to monitor, follow-up, stay connected with your customers. This web-based software will track your sales opportunities or keep in touch with previous customers, automate your sales follow up workflow and provide you reminders. It is specially designed for the automotive industry and integrates with your Recon software.

Reconditioning pro’s goes can now use ReconCRM™ with their business software to:

  • Automatically track new opportunities
  • Keep track of and remind potential customers of services they need
  • Organize and specify workflow to automate your business
  • Attach a copy of your inspection report and forward/share photos with your customers and employees
  • Set up and organize reminder emails and program system reminders for check ups, service reminders and system reminders.

Add ReconCRM™ to your current Recon Suite product to track, upsell and close your sales to dealerships and retail customers.

Hail Season Special Extended – In June, AMT Technologies announced its new Hail Damage Package (HDP) and a special for automotive reconditioning professionals. You still have time to take advantage of hail season specials. Whether you are an existing customer or new to our Recon Suite of products, you will receive HDP for 1 month free if you subscribe in July. Remember hail season can last until October, so take advantage of these specials today.